Brabantia South Africa Ordering FAQ's

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01. What does my order status mean?

If you have created an account with Brabantia, it is possible to monitor the progress of your order. These are the different order statuses we use:

Order status



The order has been cancelled and will not be processed.

Pending payment

The order process was started, but no payment attempt has been made yet.


The order has now been paid and is ready to be sent to our warehouse.


Your products were picked and packed and the parcel has left our warehouse.


02. Can I cancel or change my sales order?

Unfortunately, once a sales order is paid and gets the status 'Processing' it is final. Our warehouse processes large numbers of orders every day and once an order is in the process of picking and packing we cannot make changes anymore. In case an order is delivered that you don't want anymore, the best option is to refuse it. Our distribution partners will automatically return the parcel to us and upon receiving the parcel we will refund your money. In this case, it is best to contact us to advise us of the fact that you have refused the delivery to reduce delays in refunding or exchanging your order.

03. I placed a sales order and did not receive an order confirmation. What happened?

In most cases, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from us directly after you have placed a sales order on If you have not received an e-mail several hours after placing your order, there could be several different reasons:

  • Our payment provider has had a delay in processing payments. In that case your payment order confirmation will still be sent once your payment has been confirmed.

  • You have not entered your e-mail address correctly. In that case your order will be processed as usual, but you will not receive the e-mail notifications like the order confirmation or shipment confirmation. Please log in to the website to verify your e-mail address is correct.

  • The e-mail has accidentally been placed in your 'spam-folder', 'promotional', 'junk' or 'unwanted e-mail folder'.

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be experiencing a problem with e-mail delivery.

04. I placed one order, but in My Account I see multiple orders. What happened?

If you place a order, an order number is given to it at the moment you start the payment process. If, for whatever reason, the payment process is aborted, the order will show the status as 'Pending payment'. If you then start a new payment process from your shopping cart, our system will register that sales order as a new one. A new order, with a new order number. In this case you will see two different orders in My Account: an order that is 'not paid' and an order that is 'paid' or already 'in process'. Orders that are 'Pending payment' will not be processed, so you don't have to worry that you will receive a duplicate order, we will cancel this order for you.

05. I don't have a promotion code. How can I get one?

Promotion codes are only created for special offers and are not always available. In most cases, promotions are announced directly to our customers by e-mail, adverts or social media. If you want to receive information about our fun competitions and promotions, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Please note we reserve the right to cancel promotional codes at any time.

06. How do I use a promotion code?

Using a promotion code is very simple. Please follow the steps below:

  • Add your favorite Brabantia products to your shopping cart, including the products the promotion is aimed at

  • In your shopping cart, click the button "Add promotion code"

  • Enter the promotion code exactly as you have received it and click "Apply Coupon"

  • The promotion will automatically be applied if your order complies to the rules of the specific promotion

07. I have a promotion code, but it does not work. What to do now?

In most cases when a promotion code does not work, your sales order does not comply to the rules of the promotion. Please check the following:

  • Did the promotion not yet reach its end-date?

  • Is the promotion also valid in South Africa?

  • Does your order meet the minimum order value for the promotion?

  • If the promotion is aimed at specific products, did you add them to your order?

  • In case the promotional code is personal or limited in use: have you already used this promotion code?

  • Please note that promotional codes or vouchers may not be used in conjection with any other promotion. i.e. if the order or product qualifies for any promotion, you may not apply any other promotion or voucher to the purchase for further dicount or special offers.

08. I have forgotten to use my promotion code, what can I do?

Unfortunately, promotion codes can only be used at the time of ordering. After your order is paid and 'in process', it is final and cannot be changed.

09. Does the Brabantia web shop also sell to businesses?

The webshop on only sells to end consumers. If you want to order from this store on behalf of a company or business, you can do so, but please note that your order will be treated as a consumer order. That means that prices are VAT inclusive and there is no opportunity to negotiate trade discounts, payment terms or other aspects of the order. You will only receive an electronic invoice with the VAT amount specified, but we cannot provide you with a printed invoice or an invoice with requested extra information such as purchase order numbers.

For business-to-business Brabantia sales, if you need 5 similar products or more, we recommend you visit the B2B page on our site.