Rotary dryers

In South Africa, we are lucky to have an abundance of glorious sunshine to dry our clothes. Thinking about the electricity an outside washing line saves should bring a smile to your face too! Brabantia's smart and sturdy rotary dryers (or, "washing lines" as many of us call them), make drying your laundry a breeze. Here are some tips for choosing the right rotary dryer.


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Rotary dryers that last

Rain or shine

Brabantia rotary dryers are completely (South African) weather-proof. They are strong and sturdy, yet light to carry and easy to set up. Our robust washing line system has been perfected over decades and is easily adjustable using the novel ‘umbrella’ system. All Brabantia rotary dryers come with a solid 5-Year guarantee for peace of mind.

Big or small

Do you need 40, 50 or even a massive 60 meters of washing line? Do you like your dryer compact, spinning or with a lift system? Whatever your needs, Brabantia has a rotary dryer for you. Find your perfect match here and order online today. We offer free and fast delivery directly to your door.

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  • Compact
  • Topspinner
  • Lift-O-Matic
  • Lift-O-Matic Advance
  • SmartLift
  • Wallfix
Brabantia Essential Droogmolen


The 'Compact' rotary dryer may take up little room in your garden or outside area, but it has plenty of line to hang your laundry. This smaller dryer opens out like an umbrella, ensuring the high quality, UV-resistant (important in SA!) washing line is always pulled taut. This petite "partner-in-laundry" has a few pleasant surprises, like the specially designed arm-ends for hanging your clothes hangers from, or the sturdy hanging loop for easy storage. The compact rotary dryer comes with a handy composite plastic ground tube (with closable cap). The ground tube is designed to be concreted in to your yard for a solid base. Another option is the ø 35 mm (metal) ground spike – available separately. The rotary dryer ground spike is designed to be hammered in to soil or lawn and provides a surprisingly stable anchor for rotary dryers, without the need for concrete. Protect your Brabantia Compact Rotary Dryer from the elements with a weather resistant plastic cover, sold separately.

Brabantia Compact Rotary


Brabantia makes hanging your laundry easy and fun with the Topspinner rotary dryer. Just stand in the same spot with your laundry basket and simply twirl the dryer around to hang your laundry. The dryer  spins like a top, even when the arms are fully laden with wet laundry! And there’s more.. it’s easy to open the dryer and it has high quality, UV-resistant non-slip washing line. Thanks to the innovative umbrella system, the washing line is always pulled tight. At the end of each arm, there is an "eye" to hang your clothes hangers from. The Brabantia Topspinner has a sturdy hanging loop for easy storage. The Topspinner is available with a corrosion-resistant metal ground spike for sturdy anchorage in your garden soil or lawn, no messy concrete needed! The ground spike has a closable plastic cap and is designed to be hammered in the ground completely. Simply lit the whole dryer out of the ground and store out of the way if you need the space. A ø 45 mm plastic concrete anchor tube (with a closable cap) for easy placing in concrete is also available, sold separately. Protect your Brabantia Rotary dryer with a weather resistant plastic cover (sold separately).

Brabantia Topspinner


Would you rather work out at the gym than when doing the laundry? Brabantia takes a load off with the Lift-O-Matic, a unique rotary dryer that lets you hang laundry with less lifting. Set the dryer to your ideal working height (between 129 to 187 cm), then spin it around. You do the hanging, the rotary does the spinning. This Brabantia rotary dryer is also fitted with high quality, UV-resistant non-slip washing line that are pulled taut. This model of rotary dryer has an eye at the end of each arm, designed for your clothes hangers, it also comes with a sturdy hanging loop making storage easy.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic

Lift-O-Matic Advance

Make laundry day a dream with the Lift-O-Matic Advance Rotary dryer. It's steady even-turning arms and ultra-light operation, enabled by the ‘Easy-Lift’ system, allow you to hang washing standing in the same spot and without moving your washing basket. Adjust the dryer to your ideal working height (between 149 - 197 cm) and use the unique 'Easy-Lift' system keeps it's washing lines pulled taut. The high quality, UV-resistant non-slip washing line ensure you washing stays in place. The arms are fitted with holes for clothes hangers. Dresses and delicates can also be hung without creasing. This 'Advance' edition dryer comes with a weather resistant cover (included with purchase). The cover is made from durable plastic and is easy to put on and to remove. This dryer also includes a stylish weather-resistant clothes peg bag. The 'Advance' rotary dryer comes as standard with a plastic concrete anchor tube (with closable cap) so you can cement it into your garden or yard. A ø 50 mm metal ground spike for lawn or soil is also available (sold separately), if you don't want or have concrete.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Advance


Is your garden, balcony or outdoor area too small for a regular rotary dryer? Don’t have space to keep your dryer outside, but don’t want the hassle of carrying it around either? Perhaps you need one in a courtyard or even inside (yes, it's that stylish..) Meet the Brabantia WallFix Dryer, quite simply THE most compact and useful wal- mounted dryer ever invented. Unfold the Brabantia WallFix out with one effortless movement and it will take a full load of laundry. It's outer washing lines are 120 cm long - compact doesn't mean compromise! All washing lines are high quality, UV-resistant with a non-slip profile, helping to hold laundry in place. When you’re done, WallFix folds down into a compact, space-saving unit. The Wallfix is windproof and weather resistant, it comes with a protective (textile) cover that easily zips on. A sturdy stainless steel storage box is available online. Mounting the dryer to your wall using our handy drilling template is simple. Fix your drying problems in one go!

Brabantia Wallfix