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Although most people just call it a "bin", paper bins and rubbish bins can be used in many ways, throughout your home or business. Our paper bins are usually used at the office or for recycling paper at home. Our rubbish bins are for waste and all other types of rubbish. Brabantia has a wide variety of paper and waste bins to choose from. Our waste bins, are all very stylish, hygienic, and easy to use. As well as being made with care for the environment. Whatever the model of bin you choose: paper bin, rubbish bin or a built-­in bin, Brabantia has the model the perfect bin for your home and it will be worth showing off, too!

For ease-of-use, sanitary purposes and best results we recommend using Brabantia bin liners. They really are tailor-made to fit your Brabantia bin. Before you purchase a new bin, take some time to get a clear understanding of the different bin models and sizes available to choose from. Remeber that no matter what Brabantia bin you choose, you will always have the extended Brabantia 10 Year Guarantee for absolute peace of mind.

Touch Bin

Brabantia rubbish bin - touch bin

The Brabantia Touch Bin is one of our most popular bins. The Touch bin comes in several different sizes and many different colours. The Brabantia Touch Bin is well known for its pinoeering /'soft touch/' lid. One can easily open and close the bin with just a touch. For more information about the Touch bin, see our Touch Bin information page.

Touch Bin

Pedal Bin

Brabantia rubbish bin - pedal bin

Looking for a pedal bin? Choose from various different pedal bin sizes, colours and shapes. Whatever your home interior: classic, something more modern or a funky retro design - we have a bin for you! Some of our pedal bins have a /'Motion Control/' lid. This feature means the lid is easy to open, will close slowly and silently (no more clanging bin lid), also available in many different sizes and colours.

Pedal Bin

Retro pedal Bin

Flame Guard

Brabantia rubbish bin - flame guard

Safety first! That is the Flame Guard Bin/'s guarantee. A cigarette butt could quickly set fire to the contents of a bin, but not with the flame guard bin because it/'s equipped with a flame extinguishing feature that starves a fire of oxygen supply when smoke begins to form. The bin has been thoroughly tested and is certified by RWTUV Germany, making it a safe solution for both business and household use.

Flame Guard

Built-in Bins

Brabantia rubbish bin - built-in bin

Want to keep your rubbish bin out of sight? The Brabantia Built-­in Bin is the right choice for you. Brabantia built‐in bins are easily concealed in a kitchen cupboard and are available in 10, 15, and 2 x 10 Litre capacities. The 2 x 10 Litre version is an excellent choice for waste separation. For e.g, recycling in one compartment and compost scraps in the other. Please make sure you measure before you choose a bin to ensure that it fits your cupboard space. The built‐in bin is a practical solution for those who prefer thier bins out of sight and out of mind.

Built-in bins


Brabantia rubbish bin - binny

A cheerful, colourful bin, Binny is available in 4 radiant colours, The Binny waste bin has a sturdy and removable plastic bucket that is easy to clean and the bin liners fit snugly. There are bin liners with a tie­‐tape (draw string) available in matching colours (Replacement bin lner code /'C/'). The binny opens and closes silently and has a strong plastic lid. Funky and fresh, suitable for every home and room.


Paper Bin

Brabantia rubbish bin - paper bin

Brabantia has several paper bins available in different sizes and shapes, from a capacity of 5 to 15 Litres. Perfect for collecting waste paper and scraps, whatever the room. Designs are suitable for every room in the house from office to bathroom and the removable rim even helps you secure the bin liner (code /'B/') into the paper bin. The bottom rim protects your floors.

Paper bin