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Cooking in the family home

Cooking in the family home

1.    Cooking is an important life skill

Cooking is a skill that can impress, inspire, and empower us, kids and adults alike. Passing on methods and recipes from mothers to daughters or brothers to sisters is a gift that keeps on giving.

2.    Home cooking results in more adventurous eaters

Kids can be picky, some adults too. And that’s not a good thing. Picky eaters can miss out on a lot of important nutrition. Cooking as a family helps kids get more excited about food. They are more likely to try the food they’ve helped make. This helps develop a healthy relationship with many foods and an adventurous palate.

3.    Have fun

You don’t need to have a food fight to enjoy your time in the kitchen. Mostly it’s about managing your expectations, leaving time to learn, laugh, and love the entire process… and for extra fun try our playfully designed Tasty+ kitchen utensils.

4.    Reduce the rush

Around 20-30 minutes is enough time for your family to sit together and enjoy the meal with time to relax, chat and catch up on the day’s happenings. This gives your children plenty of time to eat. If you have a toddler who finds it hard to sit still for 20 minutes, let them move around a bit.

5.    When boiling a pot, put the lid on it

Put safety first in the kitchen. Knife blocks can also help keep knives and out of reach of curious hands.

6.    Don't overcrowd your pans

Crowding a frying pan causes the temperature to drop quickly, which won't give you a good sear on meats. And overcrowding a sheet pan or baking dish can lead to soggy vegetables instead of roasted beauties. Cook in two pans or in batches if you have more food than the pan can handle!

7.    Experiment but, follow the recipe...the first time you make it.

The next time, you can amend it and make it more to your tastes. This allows for new tastes to be explored before you add your personal touch.







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