Laundry bins and bags

Brabantia laundry bins and bags are a truly stylish addition to any home. Whatever your style, these laundry bags and bins add flair. Our laundry bags are available in five different colours. Laundry bins are available in several different steel colour finishes and white.

Brabantia Laundry Bins

Brabantia laundry bins and bags, a stylish laundry solution

Are you looking for a stylish, solid laundry bin? Brabantia has a beautiful collection of laundry bins and portable laundry bags that make separating and collecting your washing around the house even easier. No matter if you have a big or small family, regularly wash a lot or just a little, we have a laundry bin for you. Do you want to be able to carry laundry to the laundrette or laundry room? Our handy removable laundry bags have a drawstring and are made from a durable fabric. Whatever your laundry needs, we have a solution.

State of the art designs enure that Brabantia Laundry bins are an amazing addition to every room, without looking out of place. Our bins are available in two different sizes; 30 and 50 litres, to suit your washing needs. Carry your laundry to the machine with one of Brabantia’s replacement laundry bags. The bags also come in two different sizes.

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  • Laundry Bin 35 Litre
  • Laundry Bins 55 Litre / Selector
  • Laundry Bin 60 Litre
  • Laundry Bag, Oval
  • Laundry Bag, Rectangular
  • Hanging Laundry Bag

Laundry Bin

35 Litre

Make laundry a pleasue with the Brabantia 30 liter laundry bin. The handy lid does not have to be removed to throw in your smaller laundry items due to the 'quick-drop' opening. For larger washing items, simply take the lid off and pop your laundry in. Brabantia laundry bins come with removable (fabric) laundry bags that fit your laundry bin perfectly, and make it really easy to carry a load of the washing to the washing machine.

Laundry Bin, 30-35 Litre

Laundry Bin

60 Litre

Available in several different colours, from white to stainless steel, this classy extra size laundry bin makes doing your washing all the more easy. The lid is easily removable for removing the laundry bag or large pieces of laundry. The contents of the bin are hardly visible through the hole in the lid. The bin has ventilation holes that allow the laundry to breathe. Made from corrosion resistant materials, with a protective bottom ring, this laundry bin can be used in any room.

Laundry Bin, 50-60 Litre

Laundry Bin

55 Litre / Selector

Collect and separate laundry with the 'Selector' laundry bin. It’s sturdy and styliss, transforming your daily laundry chores into a more pleasurable experience. The Brabantia Selector Laundry Bin has a handy double 'quick-drop' lid (two holes, one per compartments) with a removable, washable cotton laundry bag inner which has two compartments and a handy Velcro seal. You get two laundry bins in the space of one. 

Laundry Bin, Selector

Portable laundry bin, oval

Brabantia Oval Laundry Bag

If you prefer a softer laundry bag to a laundry bin, Brabantia also offers oval laundry bags. These portable laundry bags make laundry a simple pleasure. The bag is not only colourful, stylish and well designed, it's also a breeze to take with you. The large handles make the bag easy to carry on your shoulder. The bag has a large capacity and the round handles are magnetised so they snap into place to form the top opening when you set it down.

Portable laundry bin - Oval 

Portable laundry bin, rectangular

Brabantia Rectangular Laundry Bag

The Brabantia rectangular portable laundry bag is a laundry bag and bin in one. A quick-­drop opening on top makes it easy to drop your laundry in the laundry bag and the handle automatically flaps shut again. To carry your laundry to the machine, simply pop out the handle flaps on top.

Portable laundry bin

Hanging Laundry Bag

Brabantia Hanging Laundry Bag

The Hanging Laundry Bag is perfect for hanging behind a door or in a cupboard. Hang one of these laundry bags in every room, so dirty laundry can easily be collected. Simply carry the bag to your washing machine and dump it. Grab the special handle at the bottom to turn the bag upside down and away you go.

Hanging Laundry Bag