You probably don't want to waste any time thinking about waste disposal, that's why we have thought up Sort & Go.
A beautiful, space saving, smart solution for separating, collecting & transporting waste.


There are 6, 12 and 16 litre Sort & Go bins, available in Mint, Yellow, White and Grey. All with 10-year guarantee and matching PerfectFit bags (the colour code on your bin matches colour coding on our PerfectFit bags).


This cute 6 litre bin with stay-open lid is great for peels, scraps, leftovers.. all organic kitchen-waste actually. Just put it on your worktop, in a drawer or hang it on the wall. And do you want a bin liner with that? The PerfectFit 100% compostable bags (code S) are a perfect match - and easy to fit too!


Feed your empty packaging, bottles, cans and anything else you want to sorted to the 12 and 16 litre bins. They fit in any corner, flat to the wall, and have a large handle for easy carrying and emptying. The Perfectfit 100% compostable bags or standard PerfectFit bags with tie-tape (code C) make emptying the 12 litre bin a breeze. For your 16 litre bin, use PerfectFit bags with tie tape (code D).


Sort & Go bins are real good lookers. Do you want to hide them anyways? No problem! There's a 2 x 12 litre and a 2 x 16 litre built-in bin set. The duos come with a sturdy mounting frame (self-supporting, so no sagging doors!), fixings and a clear instruction manual. They fit in any cupboard, whatever way the doors open. Use our 100% compostable PerfectFit bags or standard PerfectFit bags with tie-tape (code C) for the 2 x 12 set. For 2 x 16 set use PerfectFit bags with tie tape (code D).


We always keen to explore opportunities for greener and more sustainable ways of living. That’s why we were delighted to take part in the recycling process at (your) home. Are you recycling as much as you could be?
We would love to help you with some waste separation and recycling tips:

  1. Visit your local recycling centre to find out what materials they accept for recycling, and then set up your bins accordingly.
  2. Use plastic bags or totes to store materials for recycling. Paper bags can leak and rip easily. Try to use smaller containers, which are easier to lift when full.
  3. Clearly label your recycling bins so that you separate waste correctly.

start Organizing
& Recycling.

  1. Clean bottles and tins before putting in the recycling bin to prevent flies.
  2. Put a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your letter box – you’ll reduce your rubbish dramatically.
  3. Join the Freecycle movement. This ‘free cycle’ of goods keeps lots of useful stuff out of landfill sites and is about thinking globally and recycling locally.



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