Brabantia's Touch Bin available online

The Brabantia Touch Bin is an iconic product that millions of customers use every day. It is one of our most popular rubbish bins ever! Since introduction of the Touch Bin in 1999, the Touch bin can be found in homes and offices throughout the world.

Undeniably unique

The Brabantia Touch Bin is truly unique: it combines usability, design and quality. Available in many different colours and finishes, it is suitable for every décor style or room in the house. Our Touch bins are available in an array of different sizes, from a capacity of just 3 to a maximum of 60 litres.

Brabantia Touch Bin unique features (Why should I purchase it?):

1. The soft touch lid

As you might imagine, 'Touch' is derived from the way you open, and close the bin, with just one touch on the lid. Not just easy to open but also more hygienic.

Brabantia Touch Bin kliksluiting

2. Quality that shines through

These bins are made from a chromium steel, which gives a high quality finish and is corrosion ­resistant. These bins will last for a long time. All our Touch Bins come with a solid 10- Year Guarantee.

Brabantia Touch Bin garantie kwaliteit


3. Protective bottom rim

The protective bottom makes sure the Touch Bin does not scratch or damage your floor surface. A handle on the back of the touch bin makes it easy to move without tipping over, even when it is full.

4. Removable lid­ unit

Removing the lid-­unit of the Touch Bin is simple. This makes cleaning the bin easy and changing bin liners takes less time. You can clean the rest of the bin with soapy water.

5. Bin Liners that fit

Say goodbye to using over-sized black bags that stick out of the top, dont open properly and get snagged. Brabantia has fitted bin liners in all different sizes for our bins, including all sizes of Touch Bin. The tie tape drawstring on the liners make allow you to seal the bag before you lift it out of the bin, less mess and no odour.

6. Removable inner bucket

The Touch bin has a removable robust plastic inner bucket, which slides out and is easy to clean. The inner bucket has ventilation holes to allow air in, preventing a vacuum when you remove the full bin liner bag.

7. 'Other' Touch Bins

We have several over specialist touch bins. Want to separate your waste? We have Touch bins with two different inner bins (removable inner bucket) inside one bin. Brabantia also has Touch Bins with a flat back for a better fit against the wall. These 'Flatback' or space-saving Touch Bins are also wall mountable for easy of use.

8. Sizes and colours

Available in multiple different sizes from 3 up to 60 litres, we have a Touch Bin for every room in your house or office.


Choosing the right Touch Bin:

Perfect for bathroom and toilet!:
3 litre Touch Bin »


Rectangular, can be used wall mounted:
10 litre Touch Bin »


The ideal size for your (home)office:
20 litre Touch Bin »


This rectangular bin is space-efficient:
25 litre Touch Bin »


The most popular choice:
30 litre Touch Bin »


Stylish and space-efficient:
40 litre Touch Bin »


Bin with an extra large capacity:
45 litre Touch Bin »


XXL Waste bin:
60 litre Touch Bin »