DRYING RACKS to last and love.

You can order your Brabantia drying racks online! Mmmmm, don’t you just love the sweet smell of sun-dried clothing? Thinking of all the electricity a clothes drying rack saves you, will probably bring a smile to your face too. And with a smart and sturdy Brabantia drying rack, you’ll love drying your clothes even more.

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Rain or shine

All Brabantia drying racks are completely (British) weather-proof, strong and sturdy, yet still light to carry and easy to set up. Unexpected spell of rain? Our racks have a simple transport lock that makes it easy to bring them in the house, even when fully loaded. Their robust protective caps keep your floor safe. And when all’s dried and done, fold them flat easily for compact storage.

Big or small

Do you want a hanging drying rack, a red one or a whopping 23 metres of hanging space? Whatever you need, Brabantia has the drying rack for you. Find your perfect match and order it online, with free and speedy delivery. What’s not to love?


Hanging Drying Rack

Running out of doors or radiators to dry your clothes on? Or just looking for a fun-coloured solution for drying your knitwear? Brabantia’s Hanging Drying Rack is a smart solution in Ivory, Metallic Grey or Passion Red. It has 4.5 metres of drying space, is easy to set up and fits thin doors, 11 cm thick walls and anything in-between. You’ll be hooked in no time!

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Drying Rack T-model

Brabantia’s Drying Rack features adjustable wings, floor protection and a transport lock. It has 20 meters of drying space and is available in an Ivory, Passion Red and Metallic Grey coating. Sturdy, stable, and great for drying anything from the tallest trousers to that one lonely sock. And like all Brabantia drying racks, it has a 5-year guarantee.

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Tower Drying Rack

The Tower Drying Rack gives you 23 metres of flexible drying space and needs just one square meter of floor. It can take on a full machine load of laundry and even long laundry items like trousers. Just fold it out and adjust the wings – drying it’s a breeze. You can even dry delicate laundry flat on its platforms. Quality at its highest.

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Pull-out drying lines

Lots of laundry? Just pull out some extra drying space. Brabantia's Pull Out Drying Lines can be adjusted to fit between two walls, up to 4.4 metres apart. They’re smooth and easy to operate and have up to 22 metres of drying capacity. The auto blocking system keeps this drying line taut at all times. How’s that for a pickup line?

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