Our story:

Designed for living.

"We know a lot of people do not like doing chores. But we spend up to 6 years of our lives doing them. And time is too precious to waste. Why not enrich your everyday routines, learn to love them? Take pleasure in doing the little things, let them lift you. Make your daily rituals your escape plan, a chance to relax, live in the moment, get connected or disconnected.

At Brabantia, we are here to help, with beautifully designed product concepts for pleasurable living and giving. Concepts with promise, which are made sustainably and leave a better world for generations to come. And for you to enjoy."

Tijn, CEO Brabantia

"100 years ago we began
to design
products f or the way you live and love today."


Designed for living, since 1919.

Cherish your roots.

Brabantia can be found all over the world. We have offices and production facilities from Austria to the US, and from China to Finland. But our roots are in the Netherlands, in the province of Brabant to be precise. That is where in 1919 great-grandfather Van Elderen produced his first milk cans and jugs. We made our first pedal bins in 1952, and our iconic Patrice’ pattern dates from 1969. Now, the fourth generation is at the helm of our family business, and our Dutch Design has won a place in the homes and hearts of millions worldwide.

Sustainable by nature.

We love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we design recyclability into all our products. We started recycling before the word was even invented, turning tins for condensed milk into new cups in the 1940’s. Today, our products help you do your part for the planet too. Like kitchen tools with double functions, waste bins designed for separating waste, drying racks and rotary dryers for natural drying, jars that prevent food waste and even smart ironing board covers for more effective ironing. On top of that, we support big and small initiatives that make the world more beautiful.


We love our products, but we love people more! Within the big Brabantia-family we care for each other, for our buyers, and for the next generations. We want to learn, work and have fun together, all 1,000 of us. We make mistakes, get it wrong, enjoy the journey. Advanced, surprising, conscientious, reliable and flexible are the values we share. Together we can make the world even more beautiful.

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