Dirty washing? You keep it out of sight in style with Brabantia laundry baskets and laundry boxes. Choose your favourite from our beautiful baskets, smart sorters, space-saving boxes and tactical totes. So doing the laundry becomes fun again!

The Linn laundry basket collection: folding laundry baskets & sturdy, tall baskets with cork lids in black, white, pale grey, dark grey and mint. The Linn laundry basket collection: folding laundry baskets & sturdy, tall baskets with cork lids in black, white, pale grey, dark grey and mint.


With a Brabantia laundry basket, wash day becomes a breeze. The smart-top lid keeps your dirty laundry out of sight and with the convenient Quick-Drop opening, you don't even have to take it off to add the washing! Time to do the washing? Remove the cover and take out the perfectly fitting cotton laundry bag. Of course, all our laundry baskets are rust resistant, equipped with ventilation holes and a plastic base protects your floor. So they can go anywhere in your home, even in the bathroom! And you get a 10 year warranty. Now if everything could be this easy

Convenient dual laundry basket

Collect and sort your laundry in Brabantia's double laundry basket Selector. Robust (10 year warranty!), stylish and space-saving – so doing the washing becomes fun! The Selector has a smart double Quick-Drop opening (ideal for small garments), a removable, washable cotton laundry bag with two compartments and a handy Velcro closure. Two laundry baskets in stead of one.

Laundry basket design

The Brabantia Laundry Baskets come in many different designs. How about a laundry basket with lid, or do you prefer a flexible laundry basket? There is also much to choose in material. Will you go for a stainless steel laundry basket? Or is a fabric laundry bag more to your liking?

Besides being pretty, the design has to be practical too. That's why the Brabantia Wash Box has a plastic bottom, for example, so the stainless steel won't scratch your floor. And the laundry baskets with lid have a convenient Quick-Drop system for small laundry items. We thought of everything.

You can also choose the size of the laundry baskets. There are small laundry baskets of 35 litres, suitable for small households. Do you have a lot of washing? Then you'll need the big 60 litre laundry basket!

New: The Bo Laundry Bins 

The cabinet-like design makes the Bo Laundry Bin a great decoration piece in the bedroom or bathroom. The rectangular bins fit closely to the wall or conveniently in a corner and have the perfect height, thanks to the elegant legs with non-skid protection caps. Better for your back, and cleaning underneath is easy! There is a big 60L Bo Laundry Bin and a 2x45L, for sorting laundry as it goes in the bin, both in White and Matt Black.

White laundry basket

The Brabantia laundry basket is available in two models: in steel or in white. The white version of the laundry basket is available in 35 or 60 litres. In terms of lids, you can choose between two types of finishes. Go for a simple white cover, or choose cork to give it a more modern tough.

Fabric laundry basket

Brighten up those boring washing days with our super handy Laundry Bags. These solid fabric bags have a Quick Drop-opening: you just throw your dirty laundry in there. Time to do the washing? Fold the top open to turn into useful handles, and take along you washing bag. The only difficulty is deciding if you want an oval or rectangular bag, and in what colour. You get a 2 year warranty on all of them.


So you want more than one laundry basket, but you don't have the space? Brabantia has a suitable solution that always fits: the new stackable laundry boxes. Available in different colours, so you can design and build your own sorting system. They are space-saving, stackable up to 3 high, have sturdy handles, and a 2 year warranty too!


This laundry basket holds a complete machine load of wet or dry clothing, but it takes up almost no space. You fold it flat in a second, it is easy to clean and can also be used as a storage basket for paper or toys. A foldable favourite, with a 2 year warranty.

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