Ahhhhhh, the fragrance of washing being dried outdoors: we all love it! And if you think about how much electricity a rotary clothesline will save you, you will savour the fresh fragrance even more! Our smart and sturdy rotary clotheslines bring it all to life. View Brabantia's range of rotary clotheslines.

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The cheapest dryer is a rotary clothesline. Drying your laundry outdoors is better for the planet, saves you money and you get that lovely fresh air scent for free. And did you know keeping your clothes out of the tumble dryer extends their life? Bonus: Sun and wind are doing some great work in removing creases in your clothing. All Brabantia rotary clotheslines are fully weatherproof, strong and sturdy, but also easy to move and open. The clothesline we use is super sturdy and easy to put up thanks to the rotary system’s clever 'umbrella-system'. And, of course, you get a 5 year warranty on every Brabantia rotary clothesline.

Big, small or on the wall? Brabantia has many different types of rotary clotheslines. There is a suitable one for every household. Would you like 24, 40, 50 or even 60 metres of clothesline? Do you want a small rotary clothesline, or do you want a wall-mounted one, or one with a lift? Whatever you're looking for, Brabantia has the rotary clothesline for you! Find your perfect match and buy it online, we will deliver it fast and free.


✔Drying in the open air for fragrant fresh clothes
✔Save energy and money
✔Better for your clothes
✔Better for the environment
✔Clothes last longer


WeForest & Brabantia

Trees cool the planet, provide food, wood and jobs. That’s why Brabantia works with WeForest, an international non-profit association dedicated to reforestation to prevent desertification. Together we have planted over 1.9 million trees in the ‘Africa’s Great Green Wall’ project – and counting!

Buy a rotary dryer or drying rack, and we'll plant more trees.



Are you at a loss on how you can accommodate all your laundry? That’s quite logical, with the huge selection in rotary clotheslines. And that's why we will explain the differences for you, one by one. To make sure you choose the perfect rotary clothesline by Brabantia. Watch our short video too, and discover all the benefits.


Are you at a loss on how you can accommodate all your laundry? That’s quite logical, with the huge selection in rotary clotheslines. And that's why we will explain the differences for you, one by one. To make sure you choose the perfect rotary clothesline by Brabantia. Watch our short video too, and discover all the benefits.

How to choose the right rotary clothesline?

'Umbrella' system x x   x x
Smooth rotating arms x x   x  
Seamless height adjustment x x      
Ultra-light operation x   x    
No need to bend down     x    



Laundry day really becomes a great day with the super light, easy to operate Lift-O-Matic Advance rotary clothesline. It works like a charm and thanks to the Easy-Lift system, you simply adjust it to your ideal working height (between 149 and 197 centimetres). Even the clotheslines are of super quality: UV-resistant, strong and non-slip. It has eyelets on all 4 arms, in which you can hang a coat hanger. Useful for dresses and other delicate pieces of clothing which you really don't want to crease. The Advance rotary clothesline comes with a weather-resistant storage bag you can easily pull on and off. You also get a weatherresistant washing peg bag, so no more searching for your pegs. Your ideal rotary clothesline has a lockable plastic bottom case that allows you to easily anchor it in concrete, without any tripping hazard. The same applies for the separately available ø 50 mm lockable metal ground spike for firm anchoring without concrete. So doing the laundry becomes fun again!



Would you rather train your arm muscles in the gym than while putting up the washing? Brabantia makes life lighter with the Lift-O-Matic, a drying tower that lets you hang out your washing without having to dance on your toes. Adjust the dryer smoothly to your ideal working height (between 129 and 187 centimetres) and turn it around to hang up your washing. Putting up the washing has never been this easy. Of course, this adjustable rotary clothesline also has extra sturdy UV-resistant anti-slip lines, which always remain stretched tight. It also has an eyelet at the end of its arms, in which you can hang a coat hanger. And it is easy to store it with its sturdy suspension hook. You can buy the Lift-O-Matic rotary clothesline including a rock-solid metal ground anchor, with which you can fit it deep in the ground. Without concrete and without raised edges. With the ø 45 mm lockable plastic bottom sleeve, you can easily fit the Brabantia rotary clothesline in concrete. And with the weather-resistant protective storage cover, you can protect it against wind and weather! Handy-O-matic!



Is your garden too small for a regular rotary clothesline? You don't want to leave your rotary clothesline standing, but you also don't want to drag it around? Or would you rather buy a small rotary clothesline for use on your balcony or even indoors? The Brabantia WallFix wall dryer fulfils all your needs. The WallFix with 24 metres of drying line is a unique wall-mounted dryer. Flip it out and you can hang out a whole load of washing. And large pieces too, because its outer lines are 120 cm wide. All clotheslines are also extra strong, UV-resistant and come with a non-slip profile so your washing stays on the line. Is everything dry? Then you just push your WallFix back against the wall. The WallFix is perfectly wind and rain resistant, and you can offer added protection with the convenient storage bag or the solid stainless steel storage box. Buy it in our webshop, simply hang it on the wall, and all your washing and drying problems are solved.



Brabantia makes hanging out the laundry fun with the Topspinner rotary clothesline. Leave your laundry basket in one place, just turn your rotary clothesline and hang your washing where you want. The Topspinner really is a top turner, even if it is completely covered in laundry. But that’s not all: the rotary clothesline is easy to open, and it has extra strong, UV-resistant anti-slip clotheslines. Thanks to the clever umbrella system, the lines are also always tight. 
The eyelet for clothes hangers and the solid suspension hook also score points. You can buy the Topspinner rotary clothesline including a sturdy metal ground anchor for fitting it in your garden, without concrete and without tripping. There is also a ø 45 mm lockable plastic bottom case available that allows you to easily anchor it in concrete. You can protect your Brabantia rotary clothesline against the weather with a weather resistant cover. The cover is available separately, as well as all kinds of other fun laundry accessories.



Our Essential rotary clothesline is small enough not to get in the way, standing in your garden or shed, but large enough for a lot of laundry. This clever gadget simply opens like an umbrella, so the extra sturdy, UV-resistant clothesline is always perfectly tight. We even gave the clothesline a clever non-slip profile, and ensured it is easy to replace - after all, it's the little things that matter. And this little rotary clothesline has even more surprises for you, like its sturdy suspension hook and the possibility of hanging a coat hanger at the end of its arms. The Essential drying tower has a lockable plastic bottom case that allows you to easily anchor it in concrete, without any tripping hazard. The same applies to the ø 35 mm lockable metal ground spike for firm anchoring without concrete. To continue enjoying your Brabantia Essential rotary clothesline, you can even order a weatherproof protective case with zipper with it. Now, if everything could be this easy.


A rotary clothesline base, a cover and more

Looking for accessories for your rotary clothesline? We are also happy to help with that. Maybe you're looking for a rotary clothesline base to attach it to, or you would like a cover for extra protection. Or what about clothes pegs, which are of course indispensable when putting up the laundry? Luckily, you will find all the accessories for doing the laundry at

Buying rotary clothes-lines

So you have seen all the options, and you are ready to make your choice with all the information on hand? Check out the full range of Brabantia rotary clothes-lines.

Rotary clothesline promotion

Are you looking for a rotary clothesline promotion? Then keep an eye on our SALE page. You will find all the Brabantia products on promotion, on this page. Maybe your rotary clothesline will be included? If you can't find it there and you really want to buy a rotary clothesline, check out all our rotary clotheslines and simply buy it online!

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