Customer service faq's


Q. What payment methods can I use on the webshop?

A. Currently, the following payment methods are supported:

  • Credit & Cheque cards: Visa or MasterCard via Payfast. Apologies we do not accept AMEX cards
  • Debit cards (Note: not all Debit cards work with online shopping)
  • SnapScan
  • Masterpass
  • SCode
  • Zapper
  • Instant EFT (via Payfast)
  • MobiCred
Q. Why is my credit card payment not accepted?

A. Due to privacy restrictions, we will not be able to tell you why our payment service provider or your credit company has refused to process your payment. We simply don't have access to those details about you and your credit card status. However, we would like to assist you should this be the case, the most common reasons for a credit card payment being refused are:

  • The maximum credit on the card is exceeded (you need to pay down the outstanding balance)
  • The name on your credit card is different from the name you have entered (carefully check for typos)
  • The credit card is registered at a different address than the billing address you used on the order (this is to prevent fraudulent use of your card)
  • The card is temporarily blocked after multiple failed payment attempts (you may need to contact your bank to have the card unblocked)
  • The 3D Secure check (e.g. 'Verified by Visa', 'MasterCard SecureCode') was not successful (contact your bank to enable this or to get instructions)
Q. Can I pay in instalments or do you offer credit?

A. Unfortunately, we don't have a programme in place for paying in instalments or credit facilities at this time. All sales are charged at the full amount when we deduct payment from your chosen payment method.


Q. What does my order status mean?

A. If you have created an account on the website, you may monitor the progress of your order.
These are the different order statuses we use:

  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled and will not be processed.
  • Pending payment: The order process was started, but no payment has been taken yet. If this is the case for several days, please contact us.
  • Processing: The order has now been paid for and has been sent to our warehouse.
  • Processing: The order has now been paid for and has been sent to our warehouse.
Q. Can I cancel or change my sales order?

A. Unfortunately, once a sales order is paid and gets the status 'Processing' it is final. Our warehouse processes large numbers of orders every day and once an order is in the process of picking and packing we cannot make changes anymore. In case an order is delivered that you don't want anymore, the best option is to refuse it. Our distribution partners will automatically return the parcel to us and upon receiving the parcel we will refund your money. In this case, it is best to contact us to advise us of the fact that you have refused the delivery to reduce delays in refunding or exchanging your order.

Q. I placed a sales order and did not receive an order confirmation. What happened?

A. In most cases, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail from us directly after you have placed an order online.
If you have not received an e-mail several hours after placing your order, there could be several different reasons:

  • Our payment provider has had a delay in processing payments. In that case your payment order confirmation will still be sent once your payment has been confirmed.
  • You have not entered your e-mail address correctly. In that case your order will be processed as usual, but you will not receive the e-mail notifications like the order confirmation or shipment confirmation. Please log in to the website to verify your e-mail address is correct.
  • The e-mail has accidentally been placed in your 'spam-folder', 'promotional', 'junk' or 'unwanted e-mail folder'.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) could be experiencing a problem with e-mail delivery.
Q. I have a promotion code, but it does not work. What to do now?

A. In most cases when a promotion code does not work, your sales order does not comply to the rules of the promotion. Please check the following:

  • Has the promotion reached its end-date?
  • Is the promotion valid in South Africa?
  • Does your order meet the minimum order value for the promotion?
  • If the promotion is aimed at specific products, did you add them to your order?
  • In case the promotional code is personal or limited in use: have you already used this promotion code?
  • Please note that promotional codes or vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion. i.e. if the order or product qualifies for any promotion, you may not apply any other promotion or voucher to the purchase for further discount or special offers.
Q. Does the web shop also sell to businesses?

A. The web shop only sells to end consumers. If you want to order from this store on behalf of a company or business, you can do so, but please note that your order will be treated as a consumer order. That means that prices are VAT inclusive and there is no opportunity to negotiate trade discounts, payment terms or other aspects of the order. You will only receive an electronic invoice with the VAT amount specified, but we cannot provide you with a printed invoice or an invoice with requested extra information such as purchase order numbers. For business-to-business sales, orders above 5 of the same product or more, please contact us via the contact form.


Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. All orders are shipped from our warehouse which is located in Cape Town, South Africa
Estimated order delivery times are as follows:

  • Cape Town: 1-2 Days
  • Main Centres (larger cities): 2-3 Days
  • Regional Areas (smaller cities and towns): 3-5 Days
  • Remote and outlying areas: 5-7 Days
  • Please note: these are estimated times and are guidelines only. Factors such as holidays, time your order is placed and seasonal peaks may affect these estimates.
    We, and our delivery partners, do our best to deliver within these target time frames, but unforeseen circumstances may cause delays with your order.
Q. an I track my order online?

A. When your product is dispatched from our warehouse, we will e-mail you with a tracking reference.You may use this reference to track your order online on the website using the "Track my order" link in the site menu.If you do not receive an e-mail and/or SMS with this reference, please contact our customer service department who will assist you.

Q. Can I collect my order?

A. We unfortunately do not offer customer collections for products purchased on this website.

Q. Do you offer international delivery?

A. Unfortunately we cannot ship internationally at this time.

Q. Do you deliver on weekends or public holidays?

A. Unfortunately our delivery partners do not deliver on weekends or public holidays.


Q. What products can I return?

A. Most products that have been purchased in South Africa from this web store can be returned for free, within 30 days of delivery to you. The 30 day return period commences upon the date of delivery as stated by the courier proof of delivery and is 30 calendar days from date of delivery.

  • Products can be returned, provided they are returned un-used, in the original condition and are returned in their full original packaging.
  • We will bear the cost of returning products (courier collection) in most cases.
  • We reserve the right to charge a nominal return administration fee where the cost of the return is deemed to be significant (e.g. from an outlying area). This cost will be deducted from your refund of the purchase price.
  • Where an order qualifies for a Free Gift with purchase (such as where a gift is included when purchasing a specific product, or when your order value is over a certain amount, or as part of any promotion), the Free Gift must also be returned with the other item(s), un-used and in its original packaging, should you return your order - either in full, or in part.
  • In the case of a part-returned order (some items kept), where the value of the items you keep, or the specific product kept still qualifies the order for a Free Gift, you will be entitled to keep the Free Gift. Should a Free Gift not be returned with other items, in new condition, we will deduct the value of the Free Gift (determined as retail value, as indicated when ordered i.e. "To the value of" or "Worth") from the order refund amount when the return order is processed.
  • In case of damaged or missing products, please contact us immediately so we can provide a solution as soon as possible.
Q. How do I return my order?

A. If you want to return an order, please contact us providing the following information:

  • The original order number. You can get this number from the order confirmation e-mail or from the website account area if you registered an account on the website.
  • What product(s) you want to return (which ones, if your order contained multiple products)
  • The reason for returning the products (we value and rely your feedback - please let us know if you are unhappy about something!)
  • Please ensure you are within the 30 day free return period (unless this is a product warranty issue)
Q. How long does it take to receive my refund after I have returned a product?

A. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the collection or posting date for us to credit your account.

  • We will refund the payment method of the person who originally placed and paid for the order.
  • We may need to contact you in some cases for extra information before being able to refund your money.
  • In some cases we may not be able to refund to the original payment method in which case we will require your banking details so an EFT payment can be made.
  • For EFT refunds, we will require proof of your bank account details (top part of your statement or bank letter).
  • We will request further information should this be the case.


Q. My Brabantia electric device is broken, what can I do?

A. Brabantia electrical appliances and other electrical goods are sold directly by the retailers where you purchased you product. All service queries should be directed to the retailer where you purchased the electrical product. Brabantia electrical products are serviced in South Africa independently by Stylco (Pty) Ltd. Please call Stylco for any Brabantia electrical appliances (service queries, parts & warranty claims):


Q. How do I know if a product is in stock?

A. If your desired product is in stock, the text 'In stock' appears in green on the product details page and you're able to add the product to your cart. If the product isn't in stock, a red text 'Out of stock' appears, and you won't be able to add the product to your cart. We do our very best to keep warehouse stock levels synchronised with our web shop to prevent you from ordering products that aren't (yet) in stock


Q. What warranty or guarantee is there on my Brabantia product?

A. Brabantia has a reputation as a company that provides durable solutions and lasting values. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, so we make sure we take good care of it. As we do with of all our products. This is why most Brabantia products carry a long-term guarantee. The length of the specific warranty on your product varies depending on the product type. Standard warranty periods are 1, 2, 5 and 10 years.
The warranty period of your product will be indicated on the product packaging when purchased.

Q. I've heard Brabantia offers a lifetime warranty, is this true?

A. Brabantia does not offer a lifetime warranty on any product. The longest warranty period is 10 years, for certain products.


Q. How do I mount the lid on my StepUp Pedal Bin?

A. Watch this handy video showing you how to attach the lid to the StepUp pedal bin.


Q. How do I fix the pedal on my StepUp Pedal Bin?

A. Watch this handy video showing you how to fix the pedal on the StepUp pedal bin.



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