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Storing, airing and drying clothes become decorative with the new Linn clothes racks. Get your laundry out of the closet with our new collection of clothes racks. Linn: stylish and practical.

Linn clothes rack BrabantiaLinn clothes rack Brabantia
Linn clothes rack BrabantiaLinn clothes rack Brabantia


Do you need some decorative storage space? Linn is ready for you! With a solid bamboo rod and two height-adjustable shelves, Linn remains standing under all circumstances and in every décor. Use it as a wardrobe rack, drying rack, airing rack, as a storage rack or just to decorate your room.

5 reasons to buy a Linn clothes rack:

✔ Easy to set up
✔ Available in black and white
✔ Is Cradle-to-Cradle certified at Bronze level
✔ Is practical and stylish
✔ Comes with a 5 year warranty



At Brabantia, you are at the right place. The Linn clothes racks are made of tough and sturdy materials. The bamboo clothing rod has space and can support up to 16 clothes hangers with clothes. The clothes racks also have adjustable non-slip feet. This also ensures your floor isn't damaged and the rack is always stable. What else would you like in such a stylish clothes rack?

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Designer of Linn clothes rackDesigner of Linn clothes rack


My name is Eline, proud designer of the Linn clothes rack.
I would like to take you along in the design process of the Linn. The process started with an investigation into the 'laundry procedure' of different people. How do people deal with their washing? We noticed people use all kinds of smart 'hacks' to deal with clothing. The goal; keeping clothes looking good as long as possible, and spending as little time as possible doing the laundry. Clothing is increasingly being aired instead of washed. Better for the environment and your clothes, a win-win. Blouses and shirts are dried on a clothes hanger (to prevent creases and fiddling with clothespins). Drying racks are often left standing to save time. Almost no one feels like spending hours with the laundry, right? And for those who do like it; hats off for you! Drying racks often remain standing. At the same time, they often get in the way, they are clumsy and not very good-looking. That's why, in this project, we viewed the new drying rack as a piece of furniture. A real functional drying rack that adds a nice little spot in your décor. Something you don't have to hide, that you like to look at. We have tested this idea with several test subjects. The idea was received enthusiastically, and the new product also proved useful to hang clothes ready to for the next few days. But also as a clothing rack besides the ironing board. Or as an extra wardrobe rack, in a guest bedroom. Linn is a convenient drying rack that can be seen. With plenty of space for clothes hangers.


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