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Nearly every bathroom has one. A personal scale. For the avid and less fanatical people. Because peeping at the scales every now and then can't hurt, right?

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Brabantia bathroom scale

A scale is a must-have for the bathroom, especially for people who are concerned about their weight. All Brabantia scales are digital, but there are a few differences among them. Go for the white, 'ordinary' scale that weighs your weight at a tenth of a gram. Is sustainability important to you? Then the digital bathroom scales on solar energy is the perfect choice for you! Batteries are not required with this scale, and you use two powerful solar cells that can be recharged by daylight and artificial light. So, perfect for the environment! Last, but not least, Brabantia has the all-in-1 scale that not only measures weight, but also the percentage of body fat, water and muscle mass. Ideal for those who are concerned with movement and keeping healthy. This scale comes with a journal, so you can track your progress. Making exercising even more fun!

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