Organising your wardrobe

A clutter-free wardrobe, equals a clear mind. Good news: cleaning up a wardrobe or organizing a wardrobe is not just a perfect passtime for control freaks. Anyone can experience the enjoyment of a tidy wardrobe. Because tidy doesn't only look neat, it also feels great.


'Cleaning up' your wardrobe is quite a broad term. In one room, the wardrobe seems to have exploded and in the next room, winter clothing and summer clothing are all intermixed. Chaos comes in many colors. Ways to organize your clothing, include:

  • folding clothes
  • hanging clothes
  • closed wardrobe, open wardrobe or clothes rack
  • drawers and boxes for clothing accessories
  • separating winter clothing and summer clothing
  • clothes organised according to occasion
  • clothes organised according to colour

"Just the ritual itself of cleaning up your wardrobe or organizing your wardrobe, has a meditative effect"



Just the ritual itself of cleaning up your wardrobe or organizing your wardrobe, has a meditative effect. It is the ultimate occupational therapy. It is simple job, in which you work with colors and shapes, and you are especially working selectively, looking and finding patterns. You quickly pick up and fix 'disturbances'. You could compare this ritual with the blocks box in your childhood, where each colored block had to fit in the appropriate cut-out. Quite logical, such exercises have a meditative effect and are even experienced as soothing.





It's not only organising the wardrobe itself that has a positive effect on your mind. The effect lingers on later, after tidying up the wardrobe. However, in a different form: the reward system. Your project is completed, the patterns match, all disturbances are sorted out and everything looks symmetrical. This leaves a blissful feeling in your mind. Funny detail: this reward system is addictive. So, even after cleaning out your wardrobe, you will yearn for tidy, orderly systems. In your work, for example. Now isn't that great!




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