These are the interior trends for 2024

Are you itching to do something different with your interior? Would you like to change your interior or style a room differently? We have found the latest living trends for 2023 for you. We also look ahead to 2024. Plenty of inspiration!


Minimalism was already hip in 2023, but in 2024 it will develop into something more high-end. The basis of this style remains 'less is more'. So, a calm and tidy interior in neutral colors (white, gray, beige) but with beautiful, quality products with a luxurious, matte finish. That helps you relax and focus on the things in life that really matter.


By adding statement items to your interior, you make it completely different and all yours in one fell swoop. And strangely enough, statement items also bring tranquility. The basis is minimalist - you choose where the attention goes with your statement item. Such a statement item can be brightly colored, but you can also choose a design statement, a striking design. Statement items can apply in all areas of your home. From a large lamp or tapestry in your living room to a striking trash can in a bright colour for beautiful design in your kitchen. Or think about our Toilet Butler. With this you bring a statement design into your home, and it is also very handy.


You see more and more soft, round shapes and corners in interiors. Round rugs and lamps of course, but also in other ways and in other spaces you see more and more round corners. Think of the finishing of walls or certain furniture like tables and sofas. It is clear, organic shapes are making a comeback! For a beautiful and peaceful whole, let these round shapes recur in different places. And we are happy to help with that! For example, our waste garbage cans are always finished with rounded corners. And they are also very durable. So, you get two interior design trends in one fell swoop. Sleek and round, with a stylish look that still looks friendly.


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