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6 Tips to organise your laundry room

An organised laundry room will help you save time and do things you want to do (usually not the laundry!). These handy tips will show you how to get your laundry room looking spick and span and running like a well-oiled machine! 



Use boxes and baskets to store all those essential laundry items such as washing powder, fabric conditioner, stain removers and tumble drier sheets. A row of stylish storage containers will look good and make things easy to find.

Keep your pegs in a basket or bag too, because if you leave them on the line the sun and rain will damage them.

Laundry bins are also an essential item for the laundry room. Use them to store clothes that have come out of the dryer or off the line. Store these neatly on top of the washing machine or use stackable bins on the floor.


There’s nothing worse than a mountain of washing that’s waiting to be folded and put away. To avoid creases and save time fold (or roll) clothes and put them in linen baskets as soon as they’re dry. Our Laundry Folding Board can make this task easy.



drying rack is essential if you can´t hang clothes outside and don´t want to use the dryer. If space is at a premium in your laundry room fix a folding or extendable drying rack to the wall.


Keep a supply of hangers in the laundry room to hang up clothes as soon as they’re dry. These can be stored in a basket or hung on a clothes rack.


These can make things look neat and tidy and store all your laundry essentials in one place. Even one shelf can make a difference, and it’ll look great with a row of nicely ordered boxes or baskets.


To keep your laundry room sparkling you should clean it regularly. A few cloths stored in the laundry room, to mop up spills and wipe down the surfaces will save you having to collect them from another room.




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