8 tips for easier ironing

8 tips for easier ironing

1.    No time to waste

Start with garments needing the lowest temperature, so you don’t have to wait long for your iron to heat up.

2.    Protect your clothes

Putting a thin cloth between silk clothing and the iron prevents them from getting damaged. It also helps preserve printed garments. 

3.    Cool gadget

No time to wait for your iron to cool down? A heat resistant iron cover is just what you need - cover your iron and put it away worry free!

4.    Fasten up

Ironing insight: an ironing board cover that is too loose will move during ironing, causing creases. Use a Perfect Fit cover or iron cover fasteners to keep other covers in place.

5.    No more slaving on sleeves

Ironing sleeves, kiddy trousers or getting to hard-to-reach places? Use a sleeve board. This mini-ironing board makes sleeves a breeze!

6.    A threefold hurray

Our magic folding board fits in any closet and is the perfect aid to quickly and neatly folding shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters.

7.    Win-win

If your blouse or dress has a few wrinkles, hang it in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam will make the creases fall out.

8.    Pumping iron

When ironing, you burn over 100 calories per hour. Leaving the laundry basket on the floor when ironing makes it a great stretching exercise too!



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